Noveske NSR 16 MEGA MKM
    Noveske 16" Lo-Pro CHF Gen III Upper 15" NSR with AAC 51T Brakeout - 5.56 Complete
    List Price: $1,450.00
    Price : $1,450.00
    Sale Price: $1,415.00
    MTS MATEN .308 AMBI Rifle Length Key Mod Set with Charging Handle
    List Price: $1,050.00
    Price : $1,050.00
    Sale Price: $799.00
    Stag LPK Noveske Recon NSR
    Noveske 16" Recon Gen III Upper with 15" NSR - 5.56 Complete
    List Price: $1,495.00
    Price : $1,495.00
    Sale Price: $1,438.00

    Premium Tactical Rifle Parts

    Tier One Arms is proud to offer premium tactical rifle parts by the top manufacturers in the industry. Whether you are building a close quarters platform for home defense or you need the unwavering dependability of a dedicated marksman rig, Tier One Arms has high end AR-15 parts to make your rifle your own. And with top-of-the line parts by Noveske, VLTOR, Geissele and more, you can make your AR-15 the mil-spec machine that it was always meant to be.

    The AR-15 has well-earned reputation as one of the most reliable rifle platforms available, and its .223 ammunition is the perfect combination of respectable caliber, flat trajectory and recoil management. But not all AR-15s are built the same, and part of the platform’s strength is in its customizability. A simple change of a trigger, upper receiver and optics can change a rifle optimized for quick target acquisition and recoil management into a long range precision firearm.

    If you are investing time and research in finding just the right platform for you and your needs, then you owe it to yourself to invest in premium parts as well. Do your rifle and yourself justice with the best parts in the industry, and we will ship any order over $44 to you for free.